We've heard your ideas on how to better activate the core of Pike and Pine - what already works, and the desire to see that expanded.

1ST - 4TH

Curbless shared street with people walking in the center and public seating along the sides during a festival event

Shared street as gateway to Pike Place Market

People enjoying a food truck and colorful seating area at Westlake Park.

Extend Westlake Park activation to 3rd and Pine St Photo credit: DSA

"More transparent storefronts and businesses with extended retail hours would help make the area feel safer for me."
January 2017 open house

4TH - 7TH

A woman sitting on a bench reading in front of a bright, transparent storefront.

Transparent storefront Photo credit: DSA

Pedestrians and cyclists next to a building with active, open storefronts and reflective glass on higher stories.

Active frontages Photo credit: © Kevin Scott

"Pedestrian scale storefronts are most important."
Online feedback


A woman having her photo taken in front of a street mural with white flowers painted on a pink background.

Activate blank walls Photo credit: DSA

A woman looking at flowers at a transparent storefront adjacent to the sidewalk.

Street level retail

"I like the idea of movable furniture that could be a bright, iconic piece."
Sounding Board member


People sitting and eating at sidewalk cafe seating with other pedestrians passing by.

Space for sidewalk cafes Photo credit: DSA

Crowds sitting in colorful movable seating at Occidental Park.

Movable furniture Photo credit: DSA

A group of young women watching and listening to a small band perform on a street corner.

Outdoor performances

DSA activation

In 2016, Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and its partners entered into a five-year agreement with the City of Seattle to manage and program Westlake and Occidental parks. This public/nonprofit collaboration established a new model for activating and managing urban public spaces in Seattle.

DSA will build on these successes, making improvements along the corridor to ensure that Pike and Pine streets are safe and welcoming to all.

Parks activation

  • Staffing and visitor services
  • Out-to-lunch concerts
  • Food trucks and seating
  • Art installations
  • Clean and safe support
  • Games, karaoke, holiday markets and more
Text saying Seeing positive results: 15 percent increase in visitors since activation began! One image of a woman purchasing food from a booth set up during a festival. A second image of children playing on an outdoor play structure. A third image of crowds in Westlake Center playing Connect Four, foosball and eating at the outdoor dining areas.

Photo credit: DSA